Introduction (The not so fun life)

Hello friends,

I am Anaadi Sharma. Don’t worry I am not going to bore you with what you should buy or what sale is up. It’s just that, COVID-19  taught all of us to live in the moment and do what makes us happy. Taking you a decade back, there are tons of things that happened in 2010 and so did I graduate (don’t ask me from where, ??).  Oops, sorry for digressing that was the year when I thought of starting this blog, and since then have been pushing myself to work on it.

I don’t know whether this pandemic brought us any closer (please maintain a distance of 2 feet at least ??), it made me realise the promise I made to myself – to start blogging. Hence, putting my heart, soul, and gallons of coffee to make it see the light of the day.

I hope you will appreciate my efforts and also troll me for creating weird content and share your love with me. Taking the Introductionplunge and hope I will be able to succeed with it. Honestly, I can write much more around my introduction but don’t wish to waste your time as those unread tabs on your search engine are craving your attention much more than my blog.



PS. In case you find any grammatical error(s), do let me know. I suck at writing (just realised post making this blog). All my copywriter friends, sorry in advance.


Anaadi Sharma

Anaadi Sharma

Hello friends, I am Anaadi Sharma (not another fancy-shamancy blogger). I am just an ordinary, next-door guy. Who has a diverse set of hobbies (traveling, styling, sometimes reading, coffee making & drinking) and likings and this is just a way of documenting all of them and getting better at each one of them with time? I am not a typical south Delhi boy, but I love Delhi. An engineer by education (just like 50% Indians) and a marketer by profession. Currently, I am a creative strategist at ByteDance. Though the designation sounds fancy (it isn’t as glamorous as it sounds). Looking forward to sharing my lifestyle and knowing yours.

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